Center for Reliability and Risk Management (CRRM) is Research Centre in the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering. The CRRM is an Academy-industry asCenter for Reliability and Risk Managementsociation established in order to improve industrial productivity and efficiency through advanced reliability, availability, maintenance and safety (RAMS) technologies and corresponding risk management and logistics principles. The survivability investigations also include safety and security issues. The Vision of the CRRM is to provide research, education and technology assessment, information sharing and business support in the areas of modern RAMS technologies and corresponding risk management and logistics principles. CRRM bridges the gap between theoretical advances in academia and practical engineering in industry. In order to provide high-level research work CRRM is functioning under supervision of International Scientific Board which includes the leading experts from all over the world that have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field. They execute for CRRM projects expertise, determine most important directions of research works and provide necessary consulting.

Mission Statement

The Center for Reliability and Risk Management Mission emphasizes its commitment to provide high-level research works in order to improve productivity and profitability for its partners in industry. The four components of this Mission are Research and Technology Assessment, Education, Information Sharing, Business Support and Alliances.

Research and Technology Assessment

The CRRM conducts research and technology assessment projects recommended by academia and industrial ventures. Projects are conducted by CRRM working team jointly with its academic and industrial collaborators under International Scientific Board supervision. In the working team there are researchers on permanent positions as well as researches on temporary positions such as sabbatical, postdoctoral research etc. from different countries-EU, USA, Canada, Singapore, etc.


The CRRM offers a spectrum of educational opportunities including courses in a variety of RAMS & Applied Technology related subjects; executive seminars and consultations.

Information Sharing and e-Consulting

The CRRM organizes regular meetings, conferences and workshops, and publishes an annual newsletter highlighting current developments in the field of RAMS & Applied Technologies. It also provides e-mail consulting with members of International Scientific Board for its collaborators.

Business Support and Alliances

The CRRM seeks to support businesses and to help build alliances among companies, partnering institutions and Academy. The CRRM provides meeting and networking opportunities, both formal and informal, with groups and individual collaborators.

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering , Israel